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August 2013

I'll Stand With President Obama!

At the conservative think thank, the Heritage Foundation , on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - coincidentally,  the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington; Kim R. Holmes - a Fellow of that conservative institute, alleged that "President Obama's heart is not in foreign policy". I later challenged Mr. Homes that the only qualifier he could find to support his assertion was the fact that the President has not declared war on any legitimate nation state . Mr. Holmes and his other conservative panelists explained the supposition made was based upon comments from people who have served President Obama. Now that President Obama has made an event in Syria a possibility; the number of conservatives lining up to oppose an action by the President is strikingly amazing. The truth here lies in the reality that as the sole Black President of this country, whatever President Obama does, numbers will always crawl out of the woodwork to oppose him. To President Obama, I say, Godspeed! There are many of us too old to join the Armed Forces, but we stand reading, willing, able and eager to assist in the defense of this country - the United States of America, should you ever need us. Stand your ground Mr. President. You are the President. We swear an unyielding allegance to you as the leader of the free World.

Operation Youth Safeguard

There's nothing else to add, immediate action is needed in Syria to avert a avoid of some three million children, their welfare, their safety, their hopes for democracy. Also, as a matter of national security and for humanitarian causes, the justification for action in Syria is inevitable.  

The Syrian Fix

It starts. The time for intervention into Syria as a matter of national security and on humanitarian grounds is now. In our civil world of 2013,  the use of chemical weapons by any party to a conflict is more than enough grounds for intervention because the action poses a greater risk when the delivery of these systems become possible on a long range war head. Moreover, the numbers of children displaced by the Syrian conflict -  both inter and intra Syria, demands immediate action to stem the tide of so many child-refugees. Of the five-W's and the one-H, the only unresolved question should be when? The others have been answered. Enough of the rhetoric, it's time to lead. America is strong, America is democracy, America is justice, America is the protector of freedoms, America has the moral responsibility to ensure a free and secure world, thus the Syrian regime must be crippled of its ability to wage chemical warfare. 

Why Wait on Syria?

Why wait on Syria? Logistics must be the only answer. Not the support of Russia and the caution of China. Syria represents a clear humanitarian dilemma - the number of children refugees, topping one million, is more than enough justification for action in Syria. When the two million plus children displaced within Syria are added to that equation, the urgency for action deepens two fold. Added in the gross  "moral obscenity" of chemical weapon attacks  and what do we have? A clear explicit example of a humanitarian tragedy. Civil rights and human rights are involved here. With their own histories and their own skeletons of human rights, should a democratic and free world wait for the blessings of Russia and China on Syria. HELL  NO! The displaced children will grow up some day. Whom will they become? Who will they trust? Will they remember who came to their aid? Or will they remember the long dialogue that prolonged their sufferings? Why wait? The children of Syria are calling - their wee thirsty pallets are crusted with a hope to be free and a burning desire to drink from the fountains of freedom and normalcy. Do not deny the children of Syria.

Egypt and Syria

It's decision time in Egypt and Syria. In the land of the Nile, it must be demonstrated that the ballot-box actions of a people  trumps the egotistic brutality of a military-backed government. In the Levant, all options must be put into play to stamp out the use of chemical weapons and to avert the continued detrimental affect of the Syrian civil war upon the lives of millions of children.

March on Washington

Today, we march on Washington, DC in retrospect and in anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's historic accomplishment back in the great year of 1963. It's been 50 years. Fifty-short-years of interesting events -  a time of evolution, a time of adaptation, a time of coping and yes, the best time of all, the emergence, ascension and election of President Barack Obama.

On Syria's Children

An end must come to the civil war in Syria. Additional reports of  repeated use of chemical  weapons by the Syrian Army against the civilian population should fast-track this conflict to a swift and to a decisive condemnation response by the international community. The urgency in the Levant not only comes from the use of chemical weapons, but by the sheer numbers of children - one million; who have had to flee Syria, according to UNICEF and other UN aid groups. Moreover, these agencies also report that an additional two million children within Syria have been displaced by this conflict. International action within Syria, when it comes, must not be viewed as support for any opposition faction, rather, the appropriate action must been considered as direly necessary for the children's sake.

World Redetermination of Egypt

To the Egyptian youth who have remained steadfast to the ideals of Democracy, the European Union yesterday joined the United States in reassessing support to the military-backed government. The 28 foreign ministers of the EU voted to halt the sale of weapons and some goods to Egypt. The EU has kept its humanitarian aid package in tact. So, as I've promised you, the youth of Egypt, the stalwarts of Democracy will not sit idly by and watch your rights and lives trampled by a regime and not do something. But your responsibility to the future of your country mandates that you lead a peaceful progression from this point forward. Keep the faith, remain resolute, democracy is attainable.

Saudi Support for Egypt?

That the West needs to worry about Saudi Arabia's financial influence in the Middle East is absurd. The revelation that the Saudi Kingdom would pledge monies to prop up Egypt's military-backed regime is nothing surprising from the oil rich desert land. The Saudis have also pledged financial support to Pakistan and others. If one looks at the nations pledging support to the Egyptian generals, it's not by chance that countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are on the list. These are old Kingdoms that would do many deeds to retain the status quo of the Middle East - it's in their best interest, but the spirit of freedom and human demands for reforms will inevitable touch all these lands; the youth of the region are signaling a preference to the ideals of a different society to that of their grandfathers. The Internet clip of a wealthy Sheik tossing trays of cash at a female performer has taken its toll on the youth. They want to earn not yearn and the sickening video of workers using a brooms to sweep up the  wads and wads of cash from the singer's feet will remain fresh in the minds of the youth for a very long time. Oil money buys many things, but not the spirit of a people.

A Halt in Military Aid to Egypt

The gatekeepers of Democracy - Washington, has halted some military aid to Egypt. CNN is reporting that there is a "reprogramming" of some funds to the country. To the supporters of democracy within Egypt who have  fretted that Washington has been inactive on the preservation and promotion of democracy there, I caution you that Washington is Washington and not Cairo. The administration  in Washington is a rational one - one that surgically weighs and balances actions in delicate places and circumstances, and all the while recognizing the independence  of Nation States. To the youth of Cairo, be patient, hold true to the ideals of democracy and non-violence. Democracy, the form of government that you have studied in class and that you now desire -  is an enduring system; its gatekeepers will never deny a wanting people the opportunity to achieve freedom. Keep the faith.