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July 2013

Thank You Catherine Ashton

I want to thank European Union High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, for stating publicly what I've briefed about for weeks now: "only an inclusive process will work" in Egypt.  A call for national unity and a commitment to a coalition government representative of all Egyptians are necessary anchors to stabilizing Egypt. All sides must endorse such actions .

What's Your Future Egypt?

Since the Egyptian military and Morsy supporters have failed to pledge to unify for the better good of the sands, what does the future hold for Egypt? Will security forces evict Morsy supporters from Nasr City, Cairo? Will a brutal crack down on anti-government groups ensue? After much violence with the military seemingly in control, will there become a time of many events of resistance as in Baghdad with car bombings and the like? Will Egypt become the place to attract each extreme Islamist who has been uprooted from elsewhere? Only time will tell.

The Egyptian Solution

A day of national unity, cooperation and solidarity toward the progress of Egypt must be declared  by the military and endorsed by Morsy supporters as a means to ending the escalating violence in the land of the Pharaohs. Nothing short of such a bold call could ease the tensions building in Egypt that have now transcended to the Sinai. Had such a decree been called last week instead of a call to protests, Egypt could have been on its way to building stability and formulating its new democratic elections.

Blood in the Sands

Blood continues to flow in the sands and streets of Egypt as protests continue for and against ousted president Morsy. Reports indicate that more than 60 have died and one wonders at what point will Egyptians discover their non-violent path to democracy and stability. Unity and reconciliation is the key to stability in Egypt and until all sides reach a cease fire and establish a framework for cooperation the violence seems inevitable.

The Straw and the Camel

What will be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back in Egypt? According to reports, dozens were killed during violent protests around Cairo involving Morsy and military supporters. My fear is that a dust cloud has now settled over hopes of democracy in Egypt. What is Egypt's next chapter?

Fading Hope in Egypt

Immediate hope for full restoration in Egypt is fading and fading fast. President Morsy has been ordered jailed for 15 days, the administering military is calling for "mandate" protests(sounds funny doesn't it) and the Brotherhood is also calling for protest. What's the end game here?

Civil War in Egypt?

What will happen on Friday in Egypt? Will the call for a day of protest by the administering General lead to more violent clashes with Morsy supporters? Did the military ultimately declared a civil war in their call to  action to their backers? Events and happenings are becoming more irrational, chaotic and lawless in Egypt. Suggestions for unity have fallen on death ears. Egypt's future remains obscured by unsettled ambitions and rivalries. The right of the people must triumph. Amen.

Out of the House

Why can't the Republicans in the House of Representatives see it? Immigration Reform is good for America. Members of the House of Representatives who have allowed their narrow understanding of sociology to resist Immigration Reform must be sent packing from the Chamber. This great country must be allowed to live up to its ideals that hope lives in this the land of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Obama. This land is the light of freedom and human determination, yes, it is the light upon the hill that shines globally as a signal of human triumphs. It is inclusive. Why won't the House Republicans accept this? Vote yes on the Immigration Reform Bill passed by the Senate.


We offer our sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the Gansu Province, China earthquake. We pray that you will have the strength to carry on and that you remain resolute in your commitment to community and family.

On Trayvon Martin

I did not publicly comment on the trial into the death of Trayvon Martin until the jury's deliberations were completed. In the end I was disappointed. Now that my hero President Barack Obama has commented, I will now have my brief say.
As the father of four sons - all four bi-racial,  I wonder as to my actions had Trayvon Martin been one of my sons?  Would I have exercised the faith and trust in the system as Trayvon's parents have soundly demonstrated to allow the matter its legal path through the courts?