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June 2013

The Leaker

Question - When does an accused set his/her own terms to prosecuted? Answer - When the accused is Edward J. Snowden. At least according to a recent CNN report by the accused national security leaker's father's attorney suggesting Snowden would "...surrender voluntarily to the jurisdiction of the United States to face trial" if he is allowed a number of things including the venue of his trial and guaranteed bail before trial. Preposterous!

Immigration Reform Passes

The US Senate voted 68-32 to pass the new Immigration Reform Bill. I am not ready to run naked down Broadway or Constitution Avenues  because, the Bill now goes to Conference with the House of Representatives and I see a bad moon rising. But, I will keep the faith and pray...pray for justice, equality and democracy.

Nelson Mandela

To my non revengeful tolerant father Nelson Mandela, I declare on behalf of all free men that you - most reverend Nelson Mandela, are at peace.  Mr. Mandela, you've completed your tasks and much more on Earth. You fought the greatest battles and won. I thank you. My children thank you. Rest dearest father, rest. Amen.  

It happened

On June 24th, 2013, the US Senate voted 67-27 to approve an amendment to the Immigration Reform Bill. The amendment would increase Southern border patrols to some 42 000 and increase the length of the Southern fence to some 700 miles. Yes, it happened. The two Senators who had pushed for the afore mentioned amendment were able to galvanize enough conservative Republicans to affect passage . Will the yea votes hold up in the full Senate vote? If so, what will happen in the unseasoned House of Representatives? We wait.

Passage or Death

This week will mark an important milestone on Immigration Reform - at sometime during the week, the US Senate could vote on the measure. Sixty votes are needed to pass the legislation in the Chamber. Even if the Bill passes this test, what will happen in the House of Representatives?

Alive, if barely, in the Senate

The Immigration Reform Bill continued its existence in the US Senate this past week, when amendments by conservative Republicans were attached so that the matter could proceed. Attached was a doubling of the Border Patrol agents and an extension of the border fence to 700 miles. Looks like a vote could come before the full Senate sometime next week, then what will happen in the House of Representatives? It's anyone's guess.

Brazil's Protest

Brazilians are proud of their social protest to bring attention to their concerns of an under developed infrastructure among others things. With the World Cup a year away and the Olympics three years away, Brazilians are encouraging the government to develop its roads and to improve the transportation system. The beautiful festive people of Sao Paulo and Rio are also concern over corruption. An attorney friend of mine who arrived home on Monday after completing an arbitration course at Washington Law School at American University, DC, said she supports the protest but she did not condone the isolated acts of violence that have marred the mainly peaceful event. We wish you well Brazil. Be peaceful, be strong, be democratic, be heard.

Our Youth

America's Youth crisis comes to the fore today in a conference-event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. What new revelations would be made? Any new solutions? The problems concerning youth and their drop-out rate is alarming especially among Blacks and Latinos in urban areas. It is a complex problem which will require much finesse to fix. Let's see what the experts have to offer.


Just image a non-Iranian threat, a fully cooperative China, stability in Turkey, easing of tensions between Israel and her neighbors, a post Assad free Syria, a Russian chilling, a nuclear free North Korea, non-violence in Iraq and Afghanistan; where then would our attentions be focused? I hope to feeding the World and to complete eradication of treatable diseases.

China's Acquisitionist Assertion

China's Acquisitionist Assertion is harmless and it accords Developing Nations the opportunity to acquire hard cash for their raw materials. As yet, I've not seen or heard of China spreading atheism, Buddhism nor have I heard of China trying to redress in traditional Chinese garments the people of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.