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Mourn with Moore
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DC Linktank
The World in 2014 - Asia
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May 2013

From This Point

Where are we in the state of World affairs? Where are we heading? From this point onward many things appear clouded. What will happen in Syria? How will Egypt evolve? What path will Pakistan take? How will left leaning governments in the Caribbean and Latin America transition to democracy? From this point we monitor and advocate for peace, stability and democracy. 

The World

Egypt, Pakistan, Syria etc...serious questions as to what paths these nations will take in the near future remain unanswered today. Will the Youth List and secular political parties have any say in Egyptian politics in the near future? How will Pakistan react leading up to a 2014 decrease in aid from the US? How come the regime in Syria is still in power? We seek the answers.

DC Linktank

DC Linktank, that wonderful website that keeps us ahead of events  and helps to connect all professionals in the DC environs is about to launch a new site. Bilaal Ahmed, the founder, is a super guy and we are supporting him.

One Hurdle Cleared

Immigration Reform stepped over another hurdle on May, 21, 2013, when the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Bill, thus sending it to the full Senate for debate. Keep the pressure upon your Representatives, this Bill should become law.

Mourn with Moore

Like many Americans, today I mourn the loss of life from the tragic tornado event in Moore, Oklahoma. May all the people of Oklahoma find peace and comfort. Amen. 

Stay on the ground Terry!

This past weekend, Terry McAuliffe(D) for Governor, Virginia had volunteers on the ground campaigning while the Republicans did flyovers of the State. Who is the candidate of the people?

I Fear...

...that given the conservative nature of this 112th Congress, Immigration Reform passage is in peril. My suspecting instinct tells me that friends of Immigration Reform should consider with emphasis the 2014 Congressional races. The 2014 Races appear to be the best possible vehicle to getting the President's agenda pass. Those of us who support President Obama need to take stock, and  to face up to reality - the conservative Republicans will entrenched themselves as continued barriers to any progressive agenda. The only way to defeat them is at the polls in 2014, so that we may attain a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. I believe these Republicans are adamant in their quests to minimize the legacy of our 44th President. To fellow progressives I say, let's look to 2014, let's gird and prep ourselves, let's hit the pavements of America one more time to salvage a lasting beneficial legacy of our 44th. Amen!

The Heat is on

This Saturday, May 18th, 2013, Terry McAuliffe(D) candidate for Governor in Virginia, heats up the 2013 race with a State-wide Day of Action. With staging grounds in Newport News and Alexandria, Mr. McAuliffe is taking his message of jobs, economic stability, education and transportation directly to the voters. Undeterred by his opponent's attempt to shadow the election on social issues such as making abortions illegal, Mr. McAuliffe is going directly to the voters with his agenda of growing innovative businesses across the State to grow jobs.

Keep up the pressure

Immigration Reform continues in the mark-up process in the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. Will there be a vote by the full Senate in May? The odds say no. The Congress will recess for Memorial Day Holiday very soon. In June, the Immigration Reform Bill should advance to the full Senate for further debate and possible amendments. Should the Bill make it to Conference Committee in the Congress some time in June, the odds suggest there will not be any new legislation passed this summer, thus Immigration Reform might have to wait until Fall for a full vote and possible passage.

Day of Action in Virginia

Remember friends that this Saturday, May 18th., in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe(D) for Governor is having a Day of Action throughout the State, so call his campaign and get involve early.