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My Blog

The Martyrdom of an Iranian General

Across Iran, as witnessed via media reports and my social media networks, Donald Trump's ordered assassination in Iraq of General Qasem Soleimani, on January 2, 2020, is being heralded as a "martyrdom".

Whether or not the revered Iranian general's hands were stained by blood, and the same could be said of any general, American, Iraqi or otherwise, involved in conflict in the Middle East, the conceptual reality of killing a ranked General not on an active battlefield, appears to be an ongoing debate of international law and the rules of war.

Unknown Secondary Effects Await from an Assassination in Iraq

On the approval of United States (US) President Donald Trump, General  Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force, was targeted and assassinated in a drone attack at the airport, in Baghdad, Iraq, yesterday.

The US has justified the assassination on the grounds that the general, revered in Iran, had his hands stained with the blood of fallen and injured US personnel in the region over the past years. Also it was tended that the general may have been complacent in planning future attacks upon US personnel.

Stand with the People in 2020- Stand-up for Good

The New Year, a new decade has arrived and as surely as it is real, the changing time holds limitless promises for humanity. But for humanity to reap maximum good from all potential promises, then more people must be willing to stand with other peoples in a stance for good.

If enough of all the world's peoples would stand in solidarity for at least one good in 2020, then the peaceful, happy and secured continuity of the human species would be affirmed.

Those, who have sat on the sidelines in the past, while more concerned others stood for liberty, good, opportunity, equality and the rule of law, will have numerous opportunities in 2020, to stand-up for something, for something good.

The World in 2020 - the United States of America

Serious Constitutional, social and political issues confront the United States (US) in 2020. How these issues are resolved will determine whether or not the US will continue to function in 2020 as the world's super power or yield its traditional status and influence as a globe leader.

The American Republic and its democracy have stood as a beacon of hope, liberty, opportunity and the rule of law for more than two centuries. The success of the US has come from the Republic being placed above any man while championing democratic causes of the rights of humankind to life, liberty and happiness and under this banner of promoting and maintaining freedom and the rule of law, the nation's sphere of influence was easily spread across the globe.

The World in 2020 - China

China has made a stunning rise in the past two decades demonstrated, by among other things, a stark doubling of its GDP in the past decade alone, lifting 850 million Chinese out of extreme poverty, according to World Bank figures, a widening global influence, vast exports and technological and innovation advances. 

Whether or not China achieves a 6-plus% growth in 2019, its rise will still continue in 2020. Based upon what I personally witnessed, while visiting China in 2018, I can attest to the observation that China's rise seems non-stoppable.


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The World in 2020 - Europe

Forever changed by two World Wars, grandeurized by riches of pillage from colonial victims and reinvented into the modern behemoth trade and integration pact - theEuropean Union(EU), Europe in 2020, will continue with its experiment to deliver a more economically sound, viable, unified and secure continent for Europeans. 

Secured by the military alliance of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO),Europe, and especially the 28-members of theEU, has made remarkable strides forward in the past 25-years.

The World in 2020 - Asia

Our world's most populous and largest continent will continue to experience development growth in 2020 spear headed by the rise of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Note that today's look at Asia will not include China or the Middle East -The World in 2020 - the Middle Eastwill be published 12.28.2019, andThe World in 2020 - Chinawill be published 12.29.2019.

Asia's development in 2020 will come with disruptions and tensions in the area of trade, migration, human rights issues, impacts of Climate Change and natural disasters and other political and social matters.

Wishes for Peace

Amid rising apathy, division, isolation and anger, humanity must seek peace toward the continuity of the human species on Planet Earth.

In brethren spirit of this Yuletide season, I wish for peace in Syria, in Yemen, in Afghanistan and wherever conflicts rip at the core of the existence of people - especially children, women and the meek. 

Moreover, I wish to appeal to those men, who sit in positions of power, to dismiss their selfish ambitions and allow the will of the people to usher in a needed era of cooperation, globalization, empathy, equality, opportunity, protection of the environment and the rule of law.

A Prayer for Children, the Displaced, the Stateless and Victims of Natural Disasters

Heavenly Father, I thank you for keeping my family safe and well. I beg your forgiveness for any deeds done contrary to your favor and will. 

I pray that you grant your impregnable protection over all the world's children and I beg that you extend all your Blessings to each and every child in the East, in the West, in the North and in the South.

I ask that you grant relief to all displaced persons and to those who are stateless. Most Holy Father, I also pray that you grant comfort and the ability to rebuild to those impacted by natural disasters.