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The Rwandan Genocide - Twenty-Five-Years Later

Yesterday, April 7, marked the 25th anniversary of the start of the Rwandan genocide that killed close to 1,000,000 Rwandans in 100-days in 1994 during the deadly Rwandan civil war that eventually ended July 15, 1994.

Hundreds of thousands of minority Tutsis were killed by extremists Hutus, who also slaughtered moderate Hutu politicians, jurists, journalists and civilians and in the process, pressured and encouraged Hutu civilians to murder minorities - Tutsis and Pygmies. 

In the genocidal reign of terror between April 7, 1994 and July 15, 1994, some 800,000 plus people were massacred in the aftermath of the assassination of Rwandan Hutu dictator president Juvenal Habyarimana, on April 6, 1994, when his plane was shot-down over his presidential palace also killing neighboring Burundi president Cyprien Ntaryamira, who was on board the aircraft with Habyarimana and other officials of the Rwandan government.

An Apology Too Late for 346 Airline Crash Victims

Words offered in apology and in sorry and in admittance of an error after the facts and the accidents that took 346 lives, are of little or no avail to the victims or to their families. 

Yet, in recognition of two airline tragedies that killed 346 people when two 737-Max-8 jets crashed, Boeing Chairman Dennis Muilenburg, has finally offered an apology to the families of the victims. An apology too late to save 346 airplane crash victims killed last October, on a Lion Air flight in Indonesia and this March, on an Ethiopian Airlines flight.

Unprecedented "Unnatural" CO2 Levels - Another Climate Warning for Humanity

Another scientific research project has confirmed that carbon dioxide (CO2) has reached  an "unnatural" level for the modern era - a level not seen in three-million years, when trees grew on Antarctica. 

While an increasing body of research continues to warn humanity of present rising CO2 levels and the associated negative ramifications of Climate Change on the living environment, a new research paper by scientists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), in Germany, affirms that with continuing CO2 rise, "our planet will change" and today's level of CO2 at 410 parts per million (ppm)  is "unnatural" against a normal accepted level of 280 ppm without human activity, CNN reported earlier today.

Victory to Algeria's Youth - Abdelaziz Bouteflika Quits as President

After many weeks of unprecedented protests by youth and others in Algeria, long-time president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 82, has finally bowed out as leader of the north African nation of 41.5 million people. 

Bouteflika, who ruled Algeria ever since 1999 and continued his rule in virtual absentia after suffering a stroke back in 2013, had in March proclaimed that he would seek another term as president. His continued ambition to lead the lives of many forward thinking Algerians prompted major protests.

Deeper Integration of the Americas - a Regional Buffer to the Effects of the Divorce from the U.S.

The Americas - Latin America and the Caribbean, is now highly prone to the influence of any one of many variables ever since United States (US) President Donald Trump initiated a divorce from the region, which has been reinforced by the lifting of aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and by Trump's continuous insistence to wall-off the US from Latin America. 

The influences include positives from cash-flushed China investing more heavily in the region to the full range of negatives associated with the return to dictatorships, civil wars and the abuses of human rights.

The U.S.A and the Americas - an Initiated Divorce of Influence

The first signs of an inevitable divorce over relations and influence between the United States of America (USA) and the nations to its south, became more of a reality as Donald Trump entered the Oval Office promising to build a wall along the US southern border.

Though the wall has, thus far, failed to materialize, Trump and his policy toward Latin America has not wavered in an all-out drive to stop illegal immigration of Latin Americans into the US. As efforts to fund Trump's wall have been rebuffed by the US Congress, Trump has doubled-down on his efforts via an Executive Order to find the money for building the wall from somewhere within the US government coffers and not from Mexico, from which Trump often said would be the source paying for the wall.

Dispelling Convention - Toward a New Dawn in Human Achievement

That history has been what it has been been  - filled with strife, violence, division, war, suffering and pain should be more than enough to wish for a new dawn, a new day, a new beginning and a new era with the rising of every sun. 

That history has been replete with events of great tragedy, therefore, should accord an easy credence to dispelling all presently held conventions and to providing  a willingness to readily work toward a new dawn in humanity's greater development.

The notion that there must be a struggle before a period of bounty should be dispelled.

An Investigation, a Report and a Summary - Yet, No Public Knowledge

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into some circumstances surrounding the 2016 United States (US) Presidential Election, has been completed. The mandate to look into any collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia, is done. 

Mueller reportedly tendered a 300-page report to US Attorney General William Barr, who apparently offered a mere four-page synopsis of the report to the US Legislature. There's been no publication of the investigative report. 

The failure of the investigative process not to automatically release to the public the findings of the Special Counsel, is an unfortunate indication of an inherent weakness within the Republican form of democracy, as practiced in the US.

To Live or to Survive - the Options before Humanity

In the environmentally-conscious illustrated children's book,Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, which covers the plight, and yet the wisdom of the native peoples of the Americas, one of the characters in the work of author Susan Jeffers describes a very noteworthy time of reality, when change pushes humanity to a point to reach the "end of living and the beginning of survival". 

Yes, the "end of living and the beginning of survival". Although Ms Jeffers's work covers an ancient culture, it certainly has modern day implications, for in our 2019, the human species on Planet Earth from Africa to Asia, from Europe to the Americas and Oceania, all face similar options: to live or to merely survive.

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