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Flagrant Actions, Damaged Alliances and Harsh Sentences - Weakening Democracies

Flagrant actions by administrations in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Turkey, Spain and elsewhere are contributing to the weakening of democracy as it has evolved as a trusted political system.

Blatant acts by the Donald Trump administration in dealing with immigration issues, to inaction on gun control, to disregard to Congressional investigation directives, to the conferring of foreign aid, to apparent unethical doings, to fights and broken protections with allies, to a trade war with China, to threats to ruin the economy of an ally along with a host of other actions, including the rantings from the chief executive, all underscore a weakening of the American democracy and Republic as it has traditionally been known.

Humanity's Needed Next Step Toward Security - Global Cooperation

Now that more troubles have emerged in the realm of attaining greater human security and continuity, the daunting task before humanity, therefore, becomes the recall of beneficial progress within a secure global environment - the natural, social, economic and political fronts. 

Though more easier said than done, achieving a secure world is a tall task which has eluded humanity by all means toward any full accomplishment. World affairs at times have given the appearance of securing a broad peace, but too often the waters become quickly muddied by the actions of despots, populists and isolationists, whose actions heighten insecurity and account for the reversal of eras of developmental progress and global cooperation.

The Replanted Seed to Yet Another Humanitarian Failing

...and so the story lines of the still developing humanitarian disaster in northern Syria will add to the chronicles of our times and the predicament - the displacements, the deaths and the injuries of yet another people, thus confirming another failing of humanity in the Levant.

Even while the pages of recent tragedies in Iraq, in Yemen, in the said Syria and elsewhere remain open, humanity is now confronted by what could materialize as a major suffering of the Kurdish people occupying northern Syria brought to wrought by the withdrawal of protective United States (US) troops and the advancement of Turkish forces under the disguise of creating a "safe zone" within Syria.

How People Become Radicalized

People become radicalized after winding up on the wrong side of any battle, especially when such a fight was a bloody and passionate attempt to right historical wrongs. 

Whether or not that battle be economic, social or political, it is the sheer sum of experiences and impacted events upon the people that caused the wrong sidedness, which in turn, incubates radicalization.

Ending up on the wrong side of any battle is not necessarily as cut and dry as the two-choice option of heads or tails resulting from a coin-toss.

A Cry for American Democracy

For those like me who have come to love, to cherish and to believe in American democracy, recent years have been trying and the most recent weeks, have even been more troubling, concerning and sorrowful. 

American democracy has declined. And I submit that the Republic, which has been revered and respected for decades, is now failing under the Donald Trump administration in Washington, DC.

Previously, I never entertained any thought that the day would ever come when the Executive branch of the United States (US) government would actually insist that those who serve it, not cooperate  with the Legislative branch of the Republic.

Waning Alliances - Failed Protections - the Dawn of Widening Insecurity

The world has changed and it continues to change - not referencing any expected perpetual social, economic or environmental changes, but an evolution toward a fragmented political system of broken alliances brought to wrought by failed protections, isolationism, waning alliances and blatant betrayal of expected support.

When the leader, of what has traditionally and for decades has been the stalwart of the free world and the epitome of democracy, the United States (US), could threaten, Turkey -  the second largest standing army within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), with destruction of its economy should his "wisdom" deem such necessary, certainly denotes a time of waning alliances.

Insecurity of the People - Protests and Needed Quests for Solutions

The people of Hong Kong are not alone on the global scene in their voices and actions for greater security: a growing number of people in a broadening list of nations are manifesting objections to the courses of their governments. Grievances are over economic woes, freedoms, corruption and other matters. These people include, and are not limited to, the people of Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela, Lebanon and Ecuador.

While Hong Kong has taken center stage on the protest arena via media coverage because of the connection to the communist government of the People's Republic of China (PRC), the people of Iraq have been dying daily in protests against the government in that country.

High Time to Stand for Good

The time is quickly approaching that demands all of the good people of the world to stand - to stand for goodness, empathy, justice, equality, protection of the environment and the rule of law. 

If, the world's remaining good people, who, I believe, outnumber the bad people, fail to stand, then tyranny, corruption, apathy and division will continue a transcending festering trajectory to infecting more and more people to a point of damning humanity into the end of the continuity of the human species as a cooperative and secure system.

Dawn of a New Era of Tariffs - Global Economic Growth to Slow

The World Trade Organization (WTO), earlier today, greenlighted the Donald Trump administration in Washington, DC, United States (US), to impose some $7.5 billion in tariffs on European Union (EU) products to compensate for years of EU subsidies to aircraft giant Airbus. And the Trump administration has already drawn up a list of possible European goods to be taxed, including hams, cheeses and my favorites of Irish whiskeys and Scotch whiskies.

But the final battle in the war over subsidies to national entities before the WTO is far from over since the organization could rule at anytime on an EU complaint against US subsidies to aerospace mega giant Boeing.

On the Fallacy of Overpopulation as a Causation of Climate Change

First, let me salute all of the children of the world for being born; welcome to life and welcome to Planet Earth - your presence, your education and your good works will go father than previous generations to ensuring a more sustainable, peaceful and empathetic environment.

Yet, children, as you traverse the corridors of your globe, you'll encounter an often repeated fallacy that claims your births as overpopulation, hence being a causation of Climate Change. Hogwash! Rubbish! 

Though population and alleged overpopulation might be associated with Climate Change, they are not the causes of Climate Change.