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A Coming New Awakening - Standing for Redress in the Absence of Justice
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A Health Guideline Reversal and Questions - the Diminishing Authority of Health Experts Amid COVID-19
75-Years-Later - Another Defining Time Before the United Nations
No Escape from Crossing Fate - Trump's Inescapable Responsibility for the Spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.

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Civil Actions of Discontent Not Terrorism

When and wherever the emotions of the people do reach a boil in spontaneous reactions to instances of injustice and inequality, then President Donald Trump easily paints a picture alleging such people as being domestic terrorists; something they are certainly not. In contrast when right wing groups across the United States (US) raise their ugly actions against progressive inclusiveness, Trump appears to soften his tone of any criticism of these white supremacy factions.

Therefore, it must be noted that civil actions of discontent are not terrorism.

Into September - Adapting and Coping in the Time of the Virus

The start of the month of September hereby symbolizing the coming of Autumn has always been synonymously viewed as the return to school for all students at all levels of education following a Summer of frolic and life-remembering experiences. But today's start to September, 2020, is far from any resemblance of the Septembers of past years.

Across Europe, Asia, Canada, the United States (US) and other places, returning to school has in 2020 become a mixed bag of programs - modified in-person learning, to all virtual learning like my two school-aged sons in Washington, DC, and to hybrid methods.

A Spirited Reckoning on Social Justice Confronts America

The shameful repeated failure of the United States (US) to faithfully extend equal social justice to all of its people carries a risk of weathering non amenable rifts into the presumed impermeable unity of the Republic. And in light of recent events revealing the wide disparity in race equality and the stunning push back by the many people to the disparaging racist practices, clearly a spirited reckoning on social justice sits at the core of America's immediate agenda.

Recent tragedies involving deaths or injuries of Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement in the US have been met with star-studded push backs against social injustice.

Marching on Washington 57-Years-Later: a Similar Fate

Fifty-Seven-Years after the "dream" of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was revealed during the March on Washington, DC, August 28, 1963, Black America still faces a similar fate today as it did back in 1963.

Racial equality and social justice have eluded Black America. Recent slayings and injuries of Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement in America have confirmed that Dr. King's "dream" of a united and racially equal United States (US) has not come to fruition.

Longing for the Offered Good Changes of Autumn 2020

Apart from the much anticipated spectacular kaleidoscopes of Fall flora across towns, villages, hillsides, valleys and mountain tops, along with desires for cooler temperatures, and premature wishes of early snows; this coming Autumn of 2020 holds many prospects toward good changes, hopes and aspirations for humanity.

Clearly, the mere advent of Autumn 2020, will not be any magic wand nor cure to ameliorating humanity's woes. However, even amid a persistent deadly and highly contagious pandemic, which has thus far infected more than 21-million people worldwide and has killed in excess of 761,000 unfortunate victims, this Autumn of 2020 offers the kinds of events that could initiate humanity's recovery and peaceful cohesive continuity from a pandemic, political division, global de-coupling, agitation, social injustice, Climate Change and other adverse affairs.

A Winning Ticket - Biden and Harris 2020

The Democratic Party candidates for winning the 2020 Presidential Elections in the United States (US) have been set: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris - a winning ticket to returning national hope, international respect and rational thought to the White House in Washington, District of Colombia, come November 3, 2020.

Biden, Vice President to the 44th President Barack Obama for two-terms, completed the Democratic ticket for the elections on Tuesday night by selecting Harris, 55, a California Senator, who becomes the first ever Black American woman and first Asian American woman to be picked as Vice President in the US.

Troubling Social Angst Within a Pandemic

If living under the direct health insecurities posed by the still persisting and deadly Novel Coronavirus pandemic were not enough to un-nerve the most hardy of individuals, then the apparent violent manifestation of other social angst amid the COVID-19 disease should serve as yet another troubling concern to humanity.

As worldwide infections from the deadly pathogen reach 20-million cases with more than 730,000 deaths and as infections in the United States (US) top five-million with more than 163,000 deaths, pockets of stark violence are emerging within some communities amid the pandemic.

"It Is What It Is" - So May All the Votes be Counted

United States (US) President Donald Trump, facing an election in less than three-months, has summed up the Republic's gruesome death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic as an apathetic: "It is what it is". 

Trump's blunt description of the demise of so many American lives to the deadly and still persisting pesky pathogen, came in an interview with Axios on HBO, earlier this week, as he falsely contended that the Novel Coronavirus within American communities was "under control as much as you can control it.

The Tragedy of Beirut - A Catastrophe of Failed Governance

It was on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, when the people of Beirut, Lebanon, suffered yet another tragedy as a chemical -  dangerously stored, at the port of Beirut for more than six-years, exploded killing more than 137 people, injuring 5,000, and displacing 300,000 with a number of people still missing. 

This recent tragedy to plague the Lebanese people was reminiscent of the carnage suffered across Beirut in 15-deadly-years of civil war from 1975-1990 that strangled Lebanon and many of its people.

The Reality of Tomorrow - a Fight for Survival

Ever since the outbreak of the still persisting COVID-19 pandemic and the stark revelations of existing social inequalities and bold biases among humanity, I've held that explicit knowledge of the carnage of the deadly disease would compel humanity in the post COVID-19 era to adopt the the means and ways necessary to restart human relations from a point of expansive empathy and global equality.

In addition, being more of a socialist, I've also held onto the dream that the post COVID-19 era could be one of atonement for those actors responsible for historical wrongs perpetuated upon humanity from slavery to colonialism and to occupation of foreign lands - the destruction of a Black race of families; the plunder of distant lands and the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.