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These Defining Times

From a report affirming the possible catastrophic impact of Climate Change on the United States (US) economy, to protests against rising fuel prices in France, to Russia flexing its naval might over Ukraine, to an unfolding immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border, to the seemingly perpetual struggle of Palestinians, to the war in Yemen, to winning the peace in Syria, to the blatant action to render economic difficulty to the Iranian people, to the European Union (EU) approving the United Kingdom's plan to leave the behemoth trading bloc, to the destruction, death and despair of the California wildfires and to the numerous other testy affairs of the human species, it could now be deducted that these times of 2018 that will certainly transcend into 2019 and beyond, all represent the defining moments of this era.

A Few Things Growing Old has Taught Me

First, I apologize to my loyal readers for not posting a Blog in the past few days. I had a milestone Birthday and that brought a needed time of reflection and projection.

With regards to today's topic: a few things growing old has taught me, I opine that a major lesson has been the sad realization that all the people cannot, do not and will not be saved. Many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die - the system of things is starkly designed this way - a designed implemented many generations ago and sustained by the todays mode of living - the political, economic and social system, reinforced by today's electorate and their choices for governance.

66-Dead, 600-Missing - the Fiery Tragedy of California

The sorrowful confirmation of 66 reported deaths and 600 missing in the wildfires of California is a reality of the complex relationship between nature and humankind, not a result of forest mismanagement. 

The natural environment of California has never been easily harnessed by humankind. Technology has had to be keenly utilized to permit human habitation in many areas of California. It is a most arid land - susceptible to landslides, earthquakes, droughts and wildfires. 

That 66 people have perished and some 600 are missing in the three-plus wildfires in the state of Tinseltown should not be taken likely or blamed upon the authorities in California.

The Transitional Revolution

As a boy of the tenantry in the Caribbean in the 1970s and as a student of history in the 1980s, revolutions were very appealing. Considering the conditions of the people around me, revolution, I thought then, offered the best and immediate amelioration for all of the people. 

Forget about dilly dallying and long and drawn out processes, revolution, I thought was the inevitable vehicle to uplifting the masses. Overnight, the landless tenants of plantations would become owners of what was rightfully theirs and cooperatives of the people would form governments to represent the interests of all the people.

Toward a Return to Pre-2017 Global Hope and Confidence

I admit that the era prior to 2017 were not easy years. A global financial crisis, the Syrian War, agitations in Ukraine, the spread of the Islamic State, terror threats and acts, Europe's migrant crisis, the plight of Palestinians, the persecution of the Rohingya people, Russian meddling in Europe and a host of other issues dominated the period. But humanity weathered the tests of that time.

Most people felt hopeful and confident in their persons and toward their futures. Diplomacy and international cooperation on a number of issues from security, to trade and to environment gave the world's people hope for a more secure tomorrow.

The Wildfires of California - Deadly Events Influenced by Nature

Whatever sparked the deadly wildfires of California that have now claimed the largest death toll - 44,  from such events, in the state's history, one factor remains constant in all the tragic episodes: nature - the arid environment of California coupled with the Santa Ana winds, and not forest mismanagement.

Sadly, 42 deaths have been claimed thus far by the monstrous Camp Fire, according to CNN and it has scorched 117,000 acres in Northern part of the state, gutting 7,000 structures, including 6,453 single-family homes and almost wiping out the entire town of Paradise, which has lost between 80-90% of its homes.

100-Years Later: Sacrifices, Lessons Learned, Lost, Regained and Yet Threatened Anew

This is the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I. Humanity's sacrifices were extraordinary in securing the peace out of the conflict that lasted from 1914-1918. We honor those who served to ensure a world order of cooperation and peace.

Valuable lessons learned from WWI of the necessity for stability and rational cooperation and government, were soon lost as humanity descended into World War II. After that war humanity has endeavored not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Wildfires and the Associated Destruction - a Reality of California

Three wildfires continue to rage in the state of California, United States (US), tragically claiming nine lives so far and the forced evacuation of 250,000 people, including the ritzy city of Malibu, home to mega mansions and movie stars.

California's wildfires, though at sometimes had been deliberately lit, are a reality of the arid nature and weather patterns of the western state.

The largest of the present three fires, called the Camp Fire, is located north of the capital, Sacramento, and covering some 100,000 acres, it is the largest reported wildfire in California history.

Toward the Reversal of Division, Hate and Violence in America

The prevailing trend of division in the United States (US) that is fueled by fear, hate, violence and idle rhetoric , is not a healthy attribute of a prosperous and world-leading nation. If the trend continues on its current trajectory, then it would inevitably weaken the Republic, thus throwing it into a state of decay with the likelihood of ultimate failure as a consequence in the long run.

No rational person in the US wishes this fate upon the Union. Yet, ongoing nationalistic, apathetic and irrational rhetoric that is slowly becoming policy, do run the risk of causing the death of the organism that we now know as the living American Republic.

Another Mass Shooting in America - the Second in Twelve Days

It has sadly happened again: there's been another mass shooting in the United States (US), this time in the established safe community of Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, California, about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Twelve people have been killed, including a Sheriff Sergeant, in this latest display of utter violence, the second major massacre in just 12-days.

Reports indicate that calls to police of shots fired were received about 11:20 PST last night from a college-student frequented bar and night club in Thousand Oaks, California.