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The Courts and Black America
Denial of Freedoms, Abuse of Power - a Mockery of Democracy
Deep and Numerous - the Roots of Discontent
The Concerning Ease to Deploy Armed Troops in America
Manifestations and Frustrations of Discontent by the People

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The Courts and Black America

The blatant truth surrounding the current affairs of race in America is: Black America has never stood a chance at equality. The system, from the judicial  political, social and economic entities, has always acted in tandem with each other to impede Black equality in the United States (US).

Failure of the judiciary to achieve non varying versions of racial justice has directly prevented equality pre and post Constitution; pre and post Emancipation, pre and post Reconstruction; pre and post Fourteenth Amendment; and pre and post Jim Crow.

Denial of Freedoms, Abuse of Power - a Mockery of Democracy

The attack launched yesterday, outside the White House, by mounted United States (US) Park Police, upon peaceful protesters, was a flagrant denial of freedoms of the American people, an abuse of power by the White House and law enforcement and a stinging mockery of democracy.

That peaceful protests cold have been denied in such a violent manner utilizing horses, stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas, and even before the start of the District of Columbia's 7:00 p.m. curfew, is testament of the regrettable actions a failed President Donald Trump would employ in order to salvage his waning support among conservative Evangelicals.

Deep and Numerous - the Roots of Discontent

The Great Haitian Revolutionary Toussaint L'Ouverture said: "...cut down the tree trunk of the Black Liberty...it will spring back from the roots, for they are numerous and deep."

Not referencing the looting, anti-racist demonstrations being witnessed in increasing numbers across the United States (US) in the past six days, are indicative of the deep rooted anger Black America has toward inequality, disenfranchisement and marginalization that it continues to face for far too long with the added jeopardy of death at the hands of racist law enforcement.

The Concerning Ease to Deploy Armed Troops in America

It is frankly amazing and concerning at the ease National Guard troops are activated to quash protests in the United States (US), while any such deployment of troops in other jurisdictions; to wit, Hong Kong, etal, to accomplish similar missions, is readily condemned and deemed a violation of civil rights.

Let me be very explicit here; like most rational people, I do not wish to see entire cities burn to the ground in demonstrations for equality. 

This past week's multiple-cities protests in the wake of the killing of yet another Black man at the hands of law enforcement, have been met with the easy activation of National Guard troops to quell some violent reactions to the killing of George Floyd.

Manifestations and Frustrations of Discontent by the People

Protests stemming from the death of an unarmed Black man, while in police custody, last Monday, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, broadened to 30 cities, including the White House, across the United States (US), last night, as crowds demonstrated manifestations and frustrations of discontent to widening division in the country.

Minneapolis, the epicenter of this round of American protests, witnessed its fourth-consecutive night of unrest. A police station was among structures set ablaze and a few stores were looted.

America's Recurring Tragedy - Racism

The pandemic disease COVID-19, along with deadly events in the states of Minnesota, Georgia and Kentucky, have combined to re-expose a recurring and ongoing tragedy in the United States (US) - scourged racism.

After decades of spreading its sphere of influence overseas and acting as the supposed epitome of democracy and of freedom, the US has failed at leveling the life field for Black America on its own soil. 

While some doubters to the disparaging existence of inequality may point to data showing an opaque improvement in the lives of American Blacks over the last five-decades or so, reality, however, bears the cold hard  truth that the Republic remains very far from having achieved anything close to racial equality.

The George Floyd Killing

Police in the United States (US) killed another unarmed Black man earlier this week; this time, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, thereby repeating yet another of the far too often racist attacks upon people of color in the 155-years since emancipation in the supposed land of democracy and of freedom.

The city of Minneapolis has since fired the four cops involved in the Floyd event, praises be to the technology of smart phones and to conscious and caring citizens. Images released showed a cop, at ease, with hand in pocket, choking Floyd with his knee as the deceased complained of not being able to breathe.

An American Tragedy - 100,000 Dead from COVID-19

History shall forever mark this date, May 27th, 2020, as the day American deaths topped 100,000 from the COVID-19 pandemic - a disease once trivialized by President Donald Trump as a hoax and a flu that would go away in April.

The disease remains a deadly threat to the United States (US) well into this month of May with infections topping 1.6 million, and with deaths surpassing 100,000 people - all somebody's spouse, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin, lover, friend, partner or associate - all members of the human race, but sadly succumbing to a mysterious Novel Coronavirus, against which the Trump's administration faltered in mounting a successfully immediate response.

Phasing into a New Normal - Easing COVID-19 Restraints

Jurisdictions across the globe have begun the supposed cautious process of lifting social and economic restrictions that were imposed to contain the Novel Coronavirus and its pandemic disease - COVID-19.

Yet, as worldwide infections from the highly contagious pathogen exceed 5.5 million people and with deaths approaching 350,000, these gruesome figures serve as representations that the pandemic remains a clear and present danger to humanity.

Economic pressures and social irritabilities have combined to push jurisdictions to start re-openings of communities even as the spread of COVID-19 remains wide.

One Surety Post COVID-19 - Discontent

The post COVID-19 pandemic era stands to usher in new norms along with a number of unknowns. What the era would exactly resemble remains assumptive at this time. Yet, today, the actions of some people amid the pandemic point to one surety in the period - discontent.

From rhetoric promoting and recommending unproven drugs to fight COVID-19, to flagrant disregard of the science surrounding the disease, to insistence and encouragement to return to work and school even as the pathogen swirls, to the colors of the people rendered most susceptible to COVID-19, and down to vagrant opposition to wearing masks, the people, in reaction to governmental actions amid COVID-19, have signaled that discontent is sure to follow the abatement of the pandemic.