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Conquering COVID-19
Humanitarian Crises Demand International Cooperation to Remedy
Science Over any Sales Pitch
Thank You China
Expect the Worse, Hope for the Best in the Battle Against COVID-19

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My Blog

Conquering COVID-19

Humanity, though humbled by the present, deadly and still spreading Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, is very capable of conquering the pathogen.

Thousands of years of human civilization on Planet Earth have not been without graved trials. Yet, humanity's resolve to continuity of the species has always been successful in overcoming all trials and tribulations.

Sad losses of human lives throughout historical tests, from pandemics, famines and two world wars, have never been allowed to be taken in vain.

Humanitarian Crises Demand International Cooperation to Remedy

By now, it should be blindingly exact to all humanity that the on hand Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic represents a clear and evidential deadly threat to all peoples.

Therefore, this disease which has infected hundreds of thousands of people across the continents killing tens of thousands of people, thus far, has demonstrated that it is undefined and unrestricted to any boundary, race, creed or age. COVID-19 remains a significant threat to millions of additional people thereby underscoring it as an international problem in need of international cooperation in order to ensure its defeat.

Science Over any Sales Pitch

Folks, I'll be brief today, but I would like to implore my fellow citizens and associates to always remember our education and common sense: science beats any sales pitch.

If a certain drug eventually works for the treatment of COVID-19, then it is necessary and safe for that drug to withstand scientific testing and study before people could be encouraged to "try it".

To try any drug that has not passed study and gained scientific approval for the treatment of COVID-19, is reckless. And any non-doctor who recommends that the people "try" such a drug, is guilty of reckless endangerment of the entire public.

Thank You China

I am not a decision maker of influence in the United States (US), yet I feel compel via this medium, to express my sincere gratitude to the people and government of China for a generous donation of ventilators to the people and city of New York to assist in the battle against COVID-19. And thanks also to the people and State of Oregon for contributing additional medical equipment to the State of New York.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been sounding the alarm for weeks on end imploring of the Trump administration more medical equipment to help New York's fight against the pathogen.

Expect the Worse, Hope for the Best in the Battle Against COVID-19

The reality of future greater destruction upon global society brought to wrought by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), is stark.

Already, more than one-million people worldwide have been infected by the disease. So far, more than 56,000 people have died from COVID-19 in Asia, in Europe, in the United States (US) and elsewhere. Deaths number in the thousands in Italy, in Spain, in the US, in France, in the UK and in China.

Western economies have come to a virtual halt. Children are distance-learning at home as many school districts have shuttered in an attempt to contain COVID-19.

Toward Full Protection For All Medical Personnel and First Responders in the COVID-19 Fight

That even a single doctor, a nurse, a firefighter or an EMT would die on the front line of the war against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) because of inadequate equipment, demands the highest condemnation of the delayed and flawed preparation in the United States (US) to fight the pesky pandemic.

I will not attempt to add the number of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who have been killed or infected so far by COVID-19 in the US, but I'll cite a New York Times story updated on March 31, in which a doctor at a major hospital, in New York City,  described working conditions as "a petri dish" where more than 200 workers at that hospital had fallen sick because of COVID-19.

Role of the People, Role of Government in Fighting COVID-19

Practicing good hygiene, plus social distancing and abiding by issued health guidelines are sufficient actions by the people in fulfilling a duty in the battle against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). That is the role of the people - we the people.

Government's role as guarantor of the public health, therefore charges to the government, the necessary supply of arms - PPE's, medical equipment and testing as its responsibility in the fight against the deadly pathogen.

So, if all the people continue to play their roles, then government should be compelled to complete its function and role to safeguarding the health of the people.

Social Distancing - Take It Seriously

As many people in the United States (US) and elsewhere adapt to and cope with the new norm of social distancing, it would appear that most people have come to terms with the seriousness of the dire conditions posed by the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

At the time of writing, worldwide COVID-19 infections number over 760,000 with more than 36,000 deaths. In the US, infections number 155,000 with over 2,800 deaths.

Stay at home guidelines from the US Federal government have been extended to April 30.

Yet Some Beautiful Moments in March Amid Social Distancing

Today's note is brief and personal, very personal, yet I feel compel to scribe - to scribe into the annuals of time, just a sliver of a simple account of an unprecedented time that forever will be etched into the history of generations henceforth:

The month of March has, across my now lengthening years, never failed to deliver the best of times and the most testy of times. And while this could readily be said of almost anyone and of almost any other month of the calendar, March's gifts of weather and seasonal alterations, gives it a permanence of, and for change whether or not it "comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb" or vice-versa.

Fight New York City, Fight States - You Can Pushback COVID-19

My eldest of four Sons - my Harvard Grad, who turned down my offer to render him to a safer location three-weeks ago, is holed up in his home in New York City, New York, along with hundreds of thousands  of other New Yorkers, in efforts to pushback against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Across the United States (US), some 200 million people in 25 States, including myself here in Washington, DC,  have been told to stay at home as local jurisdictions, in lieu of any strong Federal leadership, have instituted their own plans to contain the pandemic that is sweeping across the land.