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For the Cause that Lacks Assistance...

PEACE TO life, liberty and equality.

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For the good that serves humanity. To promote the advancement of the human species, equality and the rule of law and protection of our common environment.


To be a voice of the people for causes that lack assistance. To enhancing the socio-economic and political well-being of the International Community. To championing human dignity and the unabridged pursuit of equality, transparency and happiness.


Our Community is not restricted to the geographical locations of where we live or of where we work, but Community Affairs Consultants, references the entire Globe; the United States (US), the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe - all the places where humans live and travel. This is our Community.

Our analyses of events and affairs are meant to identity, to promote, to avert - when necessary, and to solve serious emerging questions as to the well-being of the human species. We may not have all, or any of the answers, but we beg to offer our humble perspective. 

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Beginning August 02, 2014, we will replace China Today with a broader Asia Today post. Often, this section will duplicate the Blog, until a future time when China Today, is returned to publication. We thank those who risk their own freedoms to cooperate with us from all jurisdictions across the world.

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