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We were active and successful in the 2012 Presidential campaign and  we are looking forward to playing an active role in the 2014 Congressional Election races.  As we gear up for the Fall, 2014 Elections, we will be available for participation in key campaigns. 
At Community Affairs Consultants we are connected to a number of people from various countries;  to this end,  from time to time, we will weigh in on matters involving the broad global community - the Syrian question, the Egyptian evolution, the Pakistani decision, the Caribbean and Latin American identity, the Chinese acquisitionist assertion, the Japanese reshuffle, the Korean drama, the African jockeying, the European contraction and the great American leadership. So, we hope you can come along with us on this journey on our quest to bridge our World, our Earth, our home.
Socially responsible with real community response and support is a tenet of Community Affairs Consultants.
 CAC provides political counsel, intelligence and a host of solutions in the area of socio-economic community relations.
This type of business has always been on our President's mind. Peter Boyce had been restless for a number of years before he started Community Affairs Consultants in the Spring of 2013 following the 2012 Presidential Election. 
Politically active from a very young  age in his native Barbados, Mr. Boyce stayed on the political sidelines for a long time on immigrating to the United States in 1984.  He felt that though he lived in the US, the political issues of the day were best left to American-born people to tackle. That all changed with the birth of his first son.
 As issue after issue continued to impact his life and that of his friends, associates and neighbors, Mr. Boyce got off the fence and pledged his unyielding support to beneficial social changes.
Mr. Boyce stepped up his activism as his two older sons entered college.  He usually refers to America as the land that has given him four great sons and a country he must serve.
Mr. Boyce feels at home now at the helm of Community Affairs Consultants.  He is not chained to an office all day.  He has the opportunity to mingle with every day folk; something he has always cherished.  He feels the pulse of the community each day, not from fancy dining, but from rubbing elbows with real people on the subways and on the streets and avenues of the World.
Our President
Peter. A. F. Boyce - A former journalist, newspaper columnist and legal scholar, Mr. Boyce has always been a proponent of strong Community Affairs. From his newspaper articles to his activism in New York City, Washington, DC and Boston,  Mr. Boyce continues to agitate for stronger communities based upon a common principle of better relations with government and economic players.
He resides in Washington DC where his two elder sons attended Public School before attending specialized High Schools in New York City and then Colleges in New England. His two younger sons attend Public School in Washington, DC.
Recently, Mr. Boyce was part of a group of volunteers who pounded the pavements across America to successfully re-elect President Barack Obama.
Our Chief Operating Officer
Lance Bravard - A former Marine and a true patriot, Lance brings a wealth of Homeland Security assets to CAC.
All Others
We have for security reasons removed and will not post the names of our Community Affairs family. Our President is a strong man and he has decided to take all threats laid to CAC upon his own shoulders. Also Lance Bravard joins Mr. Boyce is saying to our detractors: "bring it on".
Visit our website at a later date to learn more of the projects with which we are involved.
Washington, DC
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