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For the good that serves humankind. To promote democracy, freedom, equality and the rule of law.
To consult with Governments, with People, and with Institutions on affairs with a view to enhancing the socio-economic and political well-being of the International Community. Foremost, we will advocate, and we will champion democratic causes as well as aspirations for freedom, human dignity and the unabridged pursuit of equality, transparency and happiness.
Our Community is not restricted to the geographical locations to where we live and to where we work, but at Community Affairs Consultants, our Community references the entire Globe; the United States, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe - all the places humans live and travel. This is our  Community.
Attention will be paid to a specific country or to  a particular region  more than to others from time to time as current events dictate. Syria, Egypt, Iran, China, India and Pakistan - are some places we've identified as having evolving issues, thus more attention might be given to these countries.
Our analyses of events and subsequent intelligence gathered are meant to identity,  to promote, to avert and to solve serious emerging questions as the interest of democracy is best served. We may not have all the answers, but we beg to offer our unique perspective. 
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CHINA - select China Today[We will explore "Chengzhenhua", Freedoms, Reforms and Expansionism]

Beginning on August 2, 2014, we will replace China Today with a broader Asia Today post so that we may fairly render analyses of all worthy Asian nations. We thank those who have risked their own safety and freedom to cooperate with us from within China and of them we ask that God Bless and keep them safe. Democracy and freedom will come to China someday.
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